Actuate Branding

Actuate build scalable, secure solutions that save time and improve brand experience by delivering personalized analytics and insights to over 200 million of their customers, partners and employees. I lead a team of visual designers within their internal user experience group to redesign their core product UI by creating a design framework from which their developers can draw from. Part of the challenge was that their organisation used many development platforms, so distribution of one universal solution would not be adopted. We needed to make it easy for them to updated their own interface that best suited their need. We designed sample layouts, a suite of almost 100 icons, and outlined design guidelines and best practices to empower everyone. Actuate's brand marketing and product lineup also needed a visual refresh to help represent and promote this new effort. We created product mnemonics based on a folding metaphor, brand colours, and image usage guidelines that gave their marketing team freedom to create their own collateral. Role: Creative Direction, Lead Design

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